Whiteboard Weekly #34 – Using Video Marketing During COVID-19

Without even noticing, we have all become video marketers in the past few weeks! This may have only been a Zoom call with colleagues, but it shows that during this time, video communication is the number one way to deliver your message.

I believe that the businesses who communicate via video through this crisis, and continue to be ‘visible’, will have a stronger audience to show for it! In this video, I talk over the new importance of video marketing ‘now’ and some ideas on the types of videos you could be creating.

Whiteboard Weekly #33 – Franchise Recruitment Update (COVID-19)

In my last franchise recruitment update in January, I spoke about how post-Brexit we could be seeing a better year for overall interest in franchising. Cleary the events of the last few weeks have changed any predictions made for this year!

At this very moment, things are tough, no doubt. However, there is plenty of evidence to show that what’s to come could be very exciting for franchise recruitment!

Whiteboard Weekly #32 – Native Communications

Communication has changed immensely, and continues to do so all the time. But how often do you adapt how you communicate with your prospects?

Most businesses still rely heavily on phone calls and email, and I’m guessing you do too. Whilst these are still valid methods, most people today use text-based communications, like WhatsApp and Messenger. These are where people feel most comfortable, or you could say, more ‘native’. Are you able to reach your audience through these means? Developing how your business uses new technology to communicate is the best way to optimise all opportunities for reaching your prospects.

Whiteboard Weekly #31 – It’s all about Attention!

The pace of change in technology, the way we communicate and how we consume content has never been faster! This change is leading to an almighty battle for the ‘Attention’ of our prospects and clients as their behaviors change and develop. It is essential in this modern marketing world that every business has a clear grasp on where the ‘Attention’ of their prospects and clients is, and how they can ensure they reach and communicate with them effectively through whatever mediums they may use.

Whiteboard Weekly #30 – What can your prospects find out about you online?

Let’s admit it, we all believe we can research our own purchasing decisions with the help of Google and rely less on companies to guide our decisions. But are we all crystal clear on what our prospects can find out about us online? Do we do enough to ensure we have lots of great content visible in key searches about our business? In the video, I talk about this in terms of someone looking to buy a franchise, but of course, this remains relevant for any product or service.