Content trends for attracting audience attention

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Blogs

In our Whiteboard Weekly #44, Adam highlighted the trends we’re seeing in Google for franchise recruitment. To help focus your content, Steph offers insight into how to aim it at what audiences want.

When thinking about what content to create it would be great – though a bit weird – if we could read audiences’ minds to know what they actually want! Sometimes, it can feel discouraging to create what you think is amazing content, to then check the post’s performance and realise literally no one has engaged with it. Am I right?!

However, by observing consumer trends, we gain valuable insight into what’s important enough to people for them to engage with. It’s important to be aware of these things, rather than sticking rigidly to a content plan you developed at the start of the year. If you can hit a “hot topic” whilst staying on brand – hit it hard, with passion, and gusto!

Reading your audience

In Coconut’s workshop at the bfa conference, I shared details about what consumers are currently attentive to. It determines the kind of content are search for and look at, because it’s forefront in their minds. It comes as no surprise to know we’ve seen a massive shift, likely a result of the pandemic. Right now, people are most attentive to content around:

  1. Health: Protective of their health (& family’s), choosing to be safe, and minimise risk
  2. Planet: Seeking to minimize their impact on environment
  3. Society: Working together for the greater good
  4. Experience:Living in the moment to make the most of life

What this means, as you think about content for your recruitment and core marketing, is how you can create content people will want to see. It’s not quite mind-reading, but it’s the next best thing.

So, because we know people are more protective over their health – physical and mental – focus content within this framework. Because we know people long to have a positive impact on the planet and their communities, use this angle to highlight how they can. And because we know, people want to enjoy life after lockdowns, by living more in the moment, show them how it’s possible.

Is your creative mind thinking, yet?

When I first saw this list, my brain started thinking about the what we could create for our clients. Maybe, yours is firing off left, right and centre in the same way?

If not, here are some ideas for the kind of content you could produce:

  1. For a number of years, franchising was unique because franchisees could enjoy work-life balance. This hasn’t changed, but it’s no longer unique. Use case studies, vlogs, photos etc. to show this isn’t just words; talk about the real life health and wellbeing benefits your franchisees and/or customers experience.
  2. Businesses are encouraged to aim for net zero. For some individuals, it’s also about being a responsible person, and doing “my bit for the environment”. Within your brand, you’re likely using systems, strategies, services etc for greener, cleaner living. Talk about them. Talk about the benefit to the environment. Talk about what running a business with you achieves.
  3. During the pandemic, stories emerged of the kindness of humanity. Delivery drivers checked on isolated customers, pausing to have a chat, companies and individuals made-up care packages for those in isolation, and people donated food parcels. But, these stories aren’t restricted to the pandemic. In January, one of our clients connected me with five of their franchisees, all giving back to others. These stories hit a chord with people, inspiring them to do the same. Share them.
  4. Living in the moment can be hindered by employment, sometimes! Talk about the kind of experiences you and your network have. Working from a campervan whilst touring the UK? Working from a beach in the middle of winter? Dreamt of racing a yacht around the Greek Islands? These are real stories I’d written for clients. Tell yours; inspire your audience.

Show, not just tell

I love words – I love writing them, I love reading them… but I’m conscious of the fact a picture is worth a thousand of them. Your content should include all mediums on your social media channels. Photos and videos “in the moment” shared to stories and reels, as well as pre-recorded, scripted videos, and photoshoot images.

They should be real, they should be vivid, and they should demonstrate the reality of you, your brand, and your network. Authenticity has become more than an online buzzword, it’s become the key to engaging your audience.

Curious about where to find your stories in your network? Speak to us about a Coconut strategy day.