Activitymix: Engaging employees in a new employment era

activitymix logo: more than just fun and games

Coconut Creatives’ client activitymix explains why their management franchise is contributing to a new era of employee engagement:

Organisations are asking their staff to do more and more to ride the wave of economic uncertainty and HR managers are looking for ways to motivate staff without offering substantial financial incentives. Recently Peter Wilde, Global Head of Engagement at Unilever and an expert in the field of employee engagement, completed research which confirmed that businesses who use employee engagement programmes see increased profits but that they need to change their emphasis from traditional staid programmes in order to achieve the same engagement impact!

One company that has a proven impact on staff productivity and a record of keeping track of changing trends is activitymix, a management franchise business currently operating in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and London.

activitymix, is an employee engagement business that uses sport and physical activity to help companies increase productivity and reduce absenteeism, and can boast a consistent client retention rate of 80% year on year with global brands such as Shell, BP, BarclaysCapital, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Over 20,000 people have participated since 2003, and participation rates within individual companies are increasing with the original activitymix territory reaching a turnover of £350k.

Founders Jules Lancastle and Richard Johnston see this enviable retention rate as an indication of good market analysis and excellence in service delivery. They have worked hard to protect their business model which now offers an exciting business option for future franchise partners with a desire to combine sport with business objectives.

Could your company benefit from some activitymix treatment? Or could you be the next activitymix franchise partner? It’s a great business because they invest in keeping up with the latest techniques to keep staff motivated:

  • 7 years of experience & systems development
  • Produce proposals that work for board directors and company executives
  • Initial 5 day tailored training course for franchise partners
  • One-day additional training course EVERY month for the duration of the 5 year franchise agreement
  • Only choose the most budding enthusiastic entrepreneurs as franchise partners!

You can find out more about activitymix as a franchise opportunity at one of their discovery days.

  • An open, honest and transparent opportunity for you to ask all your questions about any aspect of the business
  • Join in a group activity to see first-hand what the client experience is like!

Call activitymix for more information or to register for a discovery day on 0845 2700160.