Foot Solutions: Are you healthcare aware, from head to toe?

The awareness we now have about the importance of looking after ourselves and staying in shape is far more advanced than that of our previous generations. Regular trips to the gym or fitness class, beauticians or hairdressers has become commonplace for many people – as routine as visiting the supermarket.

And yet, the inconvenient truth is that we often miss one essential part of our bodies… our feet.

This does not include the occasional pedicure or cosmetic treatment, but deep-rooted understanding about the foundations on which we stand. Just like a house, if your body’s foundation is out of line, everything else will be too, which can lead to painful problems with feet, knees, hips, the back, and muscular system.

There are now 14 million people in the UK aged over 60 and this is projected to increase by 50% over the next 25 years. Over half the new cases of foot care come from people over 65, with 58% of these choosing to receive this care through a private provider rather than the NHS.

Foot Solutions is one of only a few companies offering dedicated services to fill this growing need. They use the most advanced technology and full understanding of feet and gait biomechanics to fit each customer’s unique feet with the highest quality footwear available. Their methods improve comfort and body alignment, helping customers to achieve better health through their feet. The bespoke solutions are offered in a range of attractive footwear brands, delivered through conveniently-located retail stores.

John Linehan is the Managing Director of Foot Solutions Ireland & UK. He says, “Our customers come back to us time and again because we provide such excellent service and really listen to their needs. Each consultation takes between 30-40 minutes so we can fully assess their requirements. One customer recently commented that they were very impressed with the professional manner in which they were served and that, although they felt under no pressure to make a purchase, they’re glad they did because it has significantly reduced their back problems. Feedback like that makes you proud to work with a world-leading franchise under such a strong ethos – it’s the root of our success.”

Foot Solutions are the world’s largest health and wellness franchise focussing on foot care and have a proven business model operating in over 240 locations worldwide. With a growing UK-based network, this franchise opportunity is proving to be a step in the right direction for many motivated individuals.

“Foot Solutions provide good products in a market with very little competition. They have a number of unique selling points such as a good margin and strong opportunities for growth. I know the health and wellness sector is expanding due to the aging population, which gives me more chance of being resilient in an economic downturn,” says David Dwyer, the Foot Solutions franchisee in Dublin South City.

Andrew Scowcroft, Manager of the Foot Solutions franchise in Plymouth adds, “I recognised the market opportunity that Foot Solutions was offering due to my background and my wife being a podiatrist. I looked into the numbers and realised there was evidence of the strong franchise model being delivered. There was replicated success across the network and solid systems in place to maintain the growth potential.”

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