12 Months’ Worth of Editorial & PR Materials

by | May 9, 2012 | Media Services, Services

Many Franchisors come to us because they need a fresh injection of flowery verbal-age!

They are bored of throwing out the same copy or case studies that have been used over and over again in magazines and online listings and want something new. Prospective franchisees DEMAND good quality copy and informative case studies and generally turn towards those Franchisors that are creative, forward thinking and on-the-ball.

With this project, we work with you to produce a 12 month supply of professional editorial and PR for your franchise offering. So when you approach a deadline, you can pick something professional and well-crafted to send to an editor, instead of re-using old tired content (or worse, submitting something you’ve thrown together at the last minute).

This is perfect for all franchisors that need a bank of quality and varied copy which has been professional researched, written, proofed and ready to use. Tailored to your needs but typically includes 10 pieces of copy which cover all franchisor needs for on and offline marketing communications such as:

  • Your Perfect Pitch for your franchise offering for use at exhibitions and all written communication and in addition to train staff
  • Franchisee Case studies focusing on key areas that we know journalists want to hear about!
  • 1,000 word, 800 word, 400 word and 200 word versions of your franchise offering for use in magazines, show guides, at exhibitions and online
  • Franchisor case study to give additional credibility with prospects
  • Customer success case study to show market demand and satisfaction
  • Professional and key word ready online promotional profile broken down into sections for use on any franchise recruitment website such as FranchiseDirect.com, WhichFranchise.com or The-Franchise-Shop etc.

A penny for your thoughts?

If you would like our thoughts on a piece of your existing copy, send it through to our team and we’ll give you some quick-win feedback FOC!