2013 signals record year for franchises

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Clients in the Media, News

Results from the NatWest British Franchise Association (bfa) Franchise Survey shows that franchise businesses M&Co resized M&Co resizedacross the UK experienced a record year in 2013. And Martin & Co was no exception.

After listing on the Stock Exchange, launching a new website, and implementing a million pound sales service, Martin & Co has had both a busy and monumental year.

“What was particularly striking about Martin & Co in 2013, was the outstanding success of our franchisees,” commented Executive Head of Franchising, Penny Sanders.

“Our franchisees have great ambitions to further expand and grow their business and this has been extremely evident as a number of franchisees have outgrown their original premises, and have had to relocate into larger offices. And it’s not just relocation. Some franchisees’ ambitions have been so big that they have acquired additional offices. In 2013 alone three offices have expanded through acquisition and our four previous company shops have been bought by existing franchise owners.

“The network itself is growing too, and we’ve seen new offices launch around the country in 2013, including in Fulham and Falmouth. Along with this, the Martin & Co internal recruitment team has experienced a record-breaking year, as they placed 117 new recruits due to expansion.

“Even the network’s portfolio of properties has grown at an astounding rate. We now have 30,000 managed properties on our books, which to put it in context, equates to a town the size of Maidenhead in Berkshire!”

Martin & Co has been growing from strength to strength since it was first established in 1986, and with exciting future plans, you can expect to see even bigger things from Martin & Co in 2014.

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