The Art of the Impossible

by | Mar 29, 2011 | Coconut in the Media

Sarah Cook and Emma Carter at Peace One Day in London

Racing 160 miles across the Sahara desert, travelling on foot through Antarctica, sailing around the world, launching a Sushi bar with Japense TV in Central London (yes Simon Woodroffe, we are talking about you!) – all sound impossible! But they all happened and Coconut Creatives Founder, Sarah Cook and our Coconut Design Guru, Emma Carter met some incredible speakers last week at the Peace One Day event in London who were all about achieving the ‘Art of the Impossible’.

These were some of the most talented and inspirational people in the world whether having achieved in business, in sport or overcome horrific paralysing injuries to concur life. They have achieved incredible, almost impossibly big things because they believed it could happen. Some of the speakers were Yo! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe, Inspirational Yachtsman Geoff Holt, the BBC presenter and author Ben Fogle and founder of Peace One Day Jeremy Gilley.

Coconut Creatives is a full supporter of Peace One Day and its mission to reach 3 billion people with the message of Peace Day by September 2012. Peace Day is on 21st September each year and this global day of peace has already enabled seemingly impossible acts to take place, such as persuading the Taliban to stop fighting so that aid workers could get into remote villages and vaccinate children against polio.

“It is so important that we all take time out of our businesses to really step back and appreciate what other people have achieved and to celebrate that,” said Sarah Cook.

So be inspired and get thinking of something amazing you can do. Whether it is for charity or for fun (or both), life is too short to keep adding things to the ‘someday maybe’ list. Get out there and get on with it. “I think I got a little bit too inspired at the Peace One Day event as I immediately went home and signed myself up for the Great South Run for later this year and I’m now in training!” adds Sarah.

If you would like to find out more about Peace One Day, visit They also have another 1 day event coming up in June with an incredible speaker line up that Sarah will most definitely be attending.