Burning down the house – BBQ safety

by | Jul 10, 2008 | Clients in the Media

Coconut Creatives client, Spettro, deal with insurance claims from home owners for a range of things such as fires, theafts, storm or water damage. It is not uncommon for the nature of the claims to adjust according to the seasons:

In 2005 Surrey recorded 2,216 fires with 678 starting in dwellings and 99 starting in private garages and sheds (1).  Mr Salter in Croydon knows only too well the danger of fires started in garden sheds after an enjoyable BBQ turned into a house-warming!

Mr Salter had a family BBQ last summer, when he finished for the evening he placed the used charcoal in his garden shed. Several hours later the shed was alight and as the flames grew higher they set fire to a nearby tree which, in turn, set fire to the fascia board on the end elevation of the house. Mr Salter explains, “The fire was fanned by the night breeze and spread quickly across the roof before we noticed what was happening.”

The fire was eventually put out by attending fire fighters who used several thousand gallons of water which then caused substantial damage to the rest of the house. Local company Spettro were called in the next morning to assess the damage and spent 3 months returning the property to its original state. “After such a shock, we were so pleased to have someone sort out the insurance claims paperwork and get on with fixing the house straight away!”

Kevin England, one of the Spettro directors, offers a few tips on BBQ safety:

1)    Avoid setting up the BBQ in draughty locations and keep away from flammable materials such as wooden fences and gazebos;
2)    Keep children, pets and guests away from the BBQ – even once the BBQ is over it stays hot for a long time;
3)    Be prepared – have a fire blanket and water close to hand;
4)    Don’t mix raw meats and make sure everything is completely cooked through to avoid food poisoning – fire isn’t the only danger at a BBQ.
5)    Don’t be caught drunk in charge of a BBQ – save your tipple until after the feast!
6)    Don’t put your BBQ away until it is completely cold – dampen embers with water.

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