Calling ALL Franchisors: Attend a Franchise Recruitment Workshop so valuable you’ll be taking notes from start to end!

by | Jan 17, 2011 | Coconut in the Media

For the FIRST TIME Franchisors are being given the opportunity to participate in small group workshops, run by Sarah Cook Chartered Marketer and Founder of Coconut Creatives, the franchise industry’s leading franchise marketing consultancy.

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The first of these workshops is being held on Wednesday 9th February, at a prestige venue in Dorset. There will be one every month, with the next two scheduled for Wednesday 2nd March and Wednesday 13th April.

The workshops include a fantastic line-up of speakers covering vital areas of franchise growth, development and recruitment. This is a unique opportunity to gain insight in a regular workshop environment and take away some really valuable intellectual property (usually reserved for one to one franchise projects!) to utilise within your own business.

These workshops will be led by Sarah, with presentations, guidance and advice from trusted experts in various fields related to franchise marketing, including:

• Emma Carter, owner and MD of Beyond Creative Thinking – a creative design agency that Sarah often works with on projects where clients need a style tweak or revamp.
• Adam Etheridge, owner of Aspect film & video – specialist in the filming and production of cutting-edge marketing videos. Sarah and Adam developed and successfully trialled a series of 3 minute video clips promoting franchise packages with the type of content that really grabs prospect attention. Adam and Sarah will be demonstrating these at the workshop and how you can recreate it within your business.
• An exhibition specialist to really give you the edge at exhibitions
• An intellectual property expert. If you’re thinking ‘a what?’ then you are not alone! Sarah will be teaching you how to utilise the latest thinking on IP to maximise the value of your franchise package and win more business
• Mystery shopping advice to tweak and refine your recruitment sales process
• Every Coconut Marketing Workshop will be so valuable, you’ll be taking notes from start to end!

To find out more, see a sample agenda, and email to book a place and request a booking form.

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