Inside Coconut: Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of #InsideCoconut, the first episode of 2020!

This month we’re focussing on our event, held in November last year, Franchise Fest 2019. The event was a fabulous success, with some wonderful speakers and brilliant evening entertainment. We had an incredible time and are already getting excited for this year! 

Registration for Franchise Fest 2020 is now open! Click the link, fill in your details and we’ll be in touch soon with further info! 👉 

Inside Coconut: Episode 2

We’re already at episode 2 of Inside Coconut, where you join us at Coombe Abbey near Coventry for the planning of Franchise Fest 2019. Adam, Laura, Helen and Mark head to the venue to make sure everything is set for the 20th November.

This year at Franchise Fest we’re really going all out with top speakers, and moving to a bigger part of the venue. To read the full blog on our Franchise Fest plans head to

Or to book your tickets to Franchise Fest 2019 go to:

Inside Coconut: Episode 1

Inside Coconut is a monthly video series following the Coconut Creatives team behind the scenes. This first episode covers our summer training session where we discussed our company values.

We wanted to create some new values that the team could really live and breathe, so we sat down to work out exactly what it is that makes Coconut so unique. 

Watch the video below to find out what our new values are, and what else we covered over the two days👇

…and stay tuned for future episodes!

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