Coconut Creatives goes from strength to strength

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Coconut in the Media, News

We are pleased to announce that we have grown our team from 7 to 12! Our business will be continuing to deliver the exceptional service which has made us famous for obtaining almost all our work via recommendations in the franchise world over the past decade.

Our 12 years of research results on the complex franchisee decision making process points towards building an integrated marketing campaign for any franchisor serious about recruitment. We know it’s vital that a wide range of activities are undertaken for maximum impact for UK franchise lead generation. Our specialist franchise recruitment team provides:

  • Strategic direction
  • Marketing communications planning
  • Prospectus and collateral development
  • Website design, content and SEO
  • Graphic design and brand development
  • Copywriting
  • PR and media relations
  • CRM process and system solutions for franchisors
  • Marketing manual development, training & support for franchisees.

Success is in the integrated mix of these activities, not just one tool out of the box. We now offer our coaching and training services to franchisees too, developing their local marketing techniques. Through our Market Your Franchise programme, we help to bridge the gap between knowledge and application and support franchisees to take their businesses to the next level and thus become outstanding advocates of your brand with shining testimonials to prospects considering joining.

We are delighted to welcome the newest members to our Coconut team:

  • Paul Clegg, Marketing Account Director
  • Adam Lovelock, Head of Online Marketing
  • Adam Knight, Head of Technology and Systems
  • Rachel Crooks, Marketing Assistant.

All four members complement the skills of the existing team and each has something new to bring to our clients marketing. For more info on team members and what they do for our clients click here.

As the franchise market grows and technology evolves alongside how people buy franchises, Coconut has always strived to evolve to match this demand. We can now offer in-house the very best and up-to-date marketing technology for franchise lead generation. This assists us to maintain our position as market leaders in the franchise industry and voice of authority on the subject of UK franchise recruitment.

We are bigger, better and more skilled across a wider range of marketing tools than ever before. Meet our new team members at one of our forthcoming events.