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“Our latest franchisee who started her training in January 2014 contacted me again after she received the “keep warm” activity. I’ve also had 4 prospective franchisees bubbling and have contacted me after each newsletter.” Bobs Broadbent, dogknows franchisor.

dogknows is the only franchise to give dog enthusiasts the opportunity to build a business as well as help them to develop their own dog handling skills so that they can go on to become an accredited dog trainer.

Project outline:

In July 2013, dogknows had just 3 franchisees and wanted to begin a marketing campaign to expand the franchise network. MD Bobs Broadbent was looking to build on her marketing knowledge to extend this to franchise recruitment marketing and use a specialist provider where her budget allowed for some parts of her campaign.

Project outcomes:

  • Completion of 2 Coconut Creatives’ franchisor workshops
  • Creation of a new perfect pitch for the franchise opportunity
  • Coconut Creatives retained to deliver a monthly “keep warm” campaign for leads that had been generated. The first 3 months of this activity brought in fresh interest from the existing list of enquirers and one new 1-1 booked with Bobs.