Double Whammy for Mr. Electric!

by | May 15, 2015 | Clients in the Media, News, Uncategorized

Mr. Electric, a client of Coconut Creatives, has recently plugged two extra people into their franchise James Mooneysupport team. Dave Galvin and James Mooney have both joined the head office support team boosting the help on offer to Mr. Electric franchisees.

Dave has a varied career background and uses his range of skills and knowledge to offer Mr. Electric franchisees the finest support to build profitable businesses across the network. James is responsible for helping franchisees maintain constant communication with their customers and with helping to build and maintain brand presence both in the UK and in each franchise territory.

“At the moment everything’s all very new and exciting. I’ve been working in the franchise industry for a long time so it’s an industry I know well but this is a completely new service sector for me. I spend most of my time working with franchisees to help them grow their businesses through financial monitoring and understanding the finances of their businesses. I help them to grow through lead generation and new business generation,” explains Dave.

“My time is split 50/50 between supporting the franchisees and working on franchise recruitment. I help franchisees with generating new business and maintaining constant communications with their customers in order to help bring in repeat business. I also help the franchisees with building their social media platforms and finding opportunities to make sure they’ve got a good presence in their local areas,” adds James.

“It’s great to work with the franchisees so closely. I’ve met all of them now and they’re all very keen to develop their businesses with my help. They accept that you’re there to help and not to interfere. They’ve all been very receptive to the idea which makes my job much easier,” explains Dave.

Dave Galvin“We create a profit and loss for each and every franchisee. They monitor where they think they are and where they actually are. Philip Milburn, Head of Mr. Electric UK, and I go and visit them once every quarter to have a formal review and look at where they have to be and where they’re aiming to be. It’s early days at the moment but this financial planning and management is what sets our franchisees apart from many independent electrical businesses. You’ve got to have something to aim for so that you know where you’re going,” adds Dave.

Mr. Electric is part of the global franchising giant, The Dwyer Group and, as such, benefits from being seen as the go-to supplier of electrical services; appealing to the domestic and commercial customers as well as household names such as The AA, B&Q and British Gas. Franchisees supply contractors for all aspects of electrical servicing and maintenance work but have also become renowned for their innovative energy-saving products that cut household bills and help businesses to meet energy-saving targets.

“I think Mr. Electric offers a great opportunity for franchisees to be recognised as part of a huge service brand in the UK. There’s a huge opportunity to build up brand presence and franchisees can leverage the brand reputation and generate business for the long-term,” adds James.

Both James and Dave have very different roles within the Mr. Electric support team but it’s clear to see that they are both dedicated to developing the Mr. Electric franchise and supporting the franchisees to achieve their ambitions.

The electrical services market predicts growth of just over £2 billion to £20.6 billion in the four years up to 2018. Mr. Electric franchisees are positioned perfectly to take advantage of this growth using the huge benefits of their energy-saving products to win new business and secure long-term contracts.