Franchise expands to help others focus on making money

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Clients in the Media, News

In any business, support and skills are crucial. Making the absolute most of your key skills and strengths as you start a business is reiterated again and again from Dragon’s Den presenters to Secret Millionaires alike. Stick to what you do best and get help with other vital business functions and you are much better primed for success.

Christina Gray, franchise partner Southampton

Christina Gray, franchise partner Southampton

No franchise understands this better than Rosemary Bookkeeping and this is being recognised by other franchisors that have started outsourcing their bookkeeping services! Around the country, Rosemary franchise partners are helping more and more franchisors (and their franchisees) with their bookkeeping, so that they can stick to doing what they do best: servicing their customers and winning new business for future growth.

Along with the other 4 million SME businesses in the UK that are required to keep bookkeeping records which later are used by an accountant to file for tax and VAT, franchisors and franchisees are no different. Yet, managing these transactions is often the biggest headache to franchised business owners and a task that is left at the bottom of the pile. After all, winning new business and looking after customers must come as a priority.

Keeping accurate financial records for any business owner can be a daunting task. Often, franchisee business owners must provide financial information for their franchise territory and there is often additional reporting required.  Franchisee business owners need a bookkeeping solution that understands this special relationship, which is why many are now turning to Rosemary Bookkeepers for the solution.

Christina Gray, Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise partner based in Southampton, already provides support to several franchisors: “The general reaction I have received working with other franchisors has been very positive. They value a tailor-made professional service th

at takes away the hassle of bookkeeping from their busy schedules.”

Rosemary Bookkeeping’s unique Rosemary System® is built around charging clients per transaction rather than per hour, so the franchisee or business owner can always clearly see what they are being charged for.

To meet demand from the growing number of franchisees and franchisors requesting Rosemary’s bookkeeping services, Rosemary Bookkeeping is now offering a dedicated support service to other franchisors. Lisa Curteis, director at Rosemary Bookkeeping says: “As a franchisor, I can fully appreciate the difficulty other franchisors experience going through the accounting process. With this dedicated service, we are aiming to save franchisors and franchisees time and money, so they can focus on making more money.”

Rosemary Bookkeeping’s franchise network continues to grow to meet demand for their expert services. Over the next few months, Rosemary Bookkeeping’s franchise network will expand to cover the Midlands and North of England as well as the established southern network of franchise partners. The latest to open is the Southport territory; open for business from late September 2012.

The Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise is based on a business concept that has been established and refined since 2002 and a franchise package focused on flexibility for its franchise partners with superb work/life balance potential.

Rosemary Bookkeeping is attending the National Franchise Exhibition on 5th & 6th October at the NEC and the Business Start Up Show 22nd & 23rd November in London. Request a free ticket for either event by emailing: or call 0845 862 0072.