Jon Thorner’s create a ‘purple wall of weird’ for Purple Love Week!

by | Feb 17, 2008 | Clients in the Media

Customers to Jon Thorner’s Farm Shop were in for a surprise from Saturday 9th to 16th February as they discovered the ‘purple wall of weird’ located within the shop along with a range of tastings of delicious local produce.

Back by popular demand for its third year, Purple Love Week, Britain’s largest coordinated tasting event aimed at supporting hundreds of independent food retailers right across the country during a traditionally quieter time of year. An idea that was forumlated between Coconut Creatives director Sarah Dyer and Giles Henschel founder national food retailer Olives Et Al. This year the theme seemed to be ‘weird and wonderful’ with many other shops embarking on undressing with food or organising an independent stripper-gram to put some spice into local foods!

Jon Thorner’s ‘purple wall of weird’ included a range of items such as one of the famous purple love t-shirts, purple love postcards, a purple cowboy hat and even a purple bikini! The idea behind the wall was to display a range of purple items highlighting the purple theme. The ‘Purple’ was inspired by the Kalamata olive and the ‘love’ as it coincides with the week that Valentines celebrate!

“It’s been a great opportunity to show our support for local suppliers in order to promote West Country foods… our purple wall of weird has certainly attracted attention from customers and allowed us to think and celebrate the wealth of local foods available in this area,” said Jon Thorner.

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