Mac Tools strenghtens the relationship between franchisees and their customers

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Clients in the Media, News

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Motor mechanics have claimed back thousands of pounds from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) thanks to a partnership between supplier of automotive tools Mac Tools and tax refund specialist Refunds Direct.

With many mechanics unaware of their entitlement to claim back money on tools they have previously purchased, Mac Tools decided to bring in Refunds Direct to see if its team of tax refund experts could help its customers.

With claims going back as far as 1997, motor mechanics are missing out on a potential goldmine in tax refunds that could see them claim back thousands of pounds from HMRC. Carrie Large from Refunds Direct is now advising all mechanics who have bought tools within the past 15 years to assess their own personal circumstances to see if they are in line for a rebate from the taxman. Carrie said: “Many mechanics don’t realise the potential windfall that’s sitting in their toolbox. Tax can be quite a complicated subject and our service exists to take away that hassle. We’ve helped thousands of mechanics unlock that revenue with average pay-outs typically reaching £500 a time.

“Since last September, by reaching our market via Mac Tools franchisees we have put over £36,000 back into the pockets of its customers. We have many more claims ongoing and know that there are a great many more Mac Tools customers who still haven’t claimed.”

The service works on a no refund, no fee basis and is therefore risk-free for employed mechanics who would like to find out if they are in line for a rebate. Having pioneered its mechanic tool refund service, Refunds Direct has now helped secure millions of pounds in payouts for over 5,000 mechanics.

Typical payout usually happens within 12 weeks and to qualify mechanics need to have spent at least £1,500 on tools since April 1997. Carrie added: “When you start adding up the figures you soon realise that HMRC is sitting on millions of pounds that mechanics up and down the country are entitled to claim back on. In today’s times of austerity, those in the industry need as much help as possible in order to survive. By putting money back in their pockets via tax refunds to potentially spend on their business is a good thing for the economy.”

Mac Tools franchisees are trusted distributors of what many consider to be the best quality tools on the market for customers such as car dealerships, automotive repair shops, manufacturing units, and engineering companies. Currently there are over 100 franchisees operating in the UK with a potential UK market of over £150 million.

If you’re ready for a new challenge and have the drive to be part of this successful franchise network, please visit or call 08450 6000 60 to request more details.