Successful duo join Rosemary Bookkeeping

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Clients in the Media, News

Rosemary Bookkeeping, a client of Coconut Creatives, have announced that they have two more franchisees in the starting blocks this month. Alexis DraperAlexis Draper and Carol Bridgman have just joined the team and are set to build successful businesses over the next few months.

Carol found that in her previous career as a management accountant, her work/life balance wasn’t flexible enough for her needs and so she began researching options for working at home. Alexis has a wealth of business experience as an Assistant to a Company Secretary which involved a short period of time working in Bermuda. She also took on a long-distance bookkeeping course because she wanted to develop her interest in working with numbers. Both found the Rosemary Bookkeeping website and experienced their own personal ‘light-bulb’ moments.

“I felt as though I was in the wrong career for a number of years and so I embarked upon a long distance bookkeeping course. At the same time, I started up my own mobile beauty business as, besides working with numbers, this was another passion of mine. Unfortunately my small business did not get off the ground due to some adverse circumstances and I found myself unemployed for quite some time. I persevered with my bookkeeping course and after searching for the next step in my life, I came across Rosemary Bookkeeping. This will now hopefully be the start of a whole new future for me,” explains Alexis.

The Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise now has over 20 franchisees nationwide, servicing the SME market of over 4 million businesses in the UK. The franchise is based on a business concept that has been established and refined since 2002 providing a unique bookkeeping system with a fully-supported franchise package. Franchisees obtain huge flexibility with superb work-life balance potential.

“I’m looking forward to the flexibility of the franchise. My previous working hours were 8am to 4pm and there was no flexibility to it so if I needed to be at home for a delivery, for example, then I had to book that as holiday. We love to travel so it was very frustrating having to use my valuable holiday time to sit at home all day,” explains Carol.

“Working for myself definitely excites me; being in charge of my own destiny, the rewards I receive will be linked to the amount of effort I put in. Having enough freedom to feel that I’m the person making decisions but also having the safety net of an excellent company like Rosemary behind me,” she adds.

Rosemary Bookkeeping delivers intelligent bookkeeping services to SMEs, accountants and franchisors ensuring a consistency of delivery and high-quality work. Their practical, down-to-earth and friendly approach provides clients with information that enables them to understand and make decisions on their businesses, gives peace of mind that HMRC will be happy, whilst charges are fair and reasonable.

“I am looking forward to facing the prospect of networking and meeting people and having to build my own clientele base. Also I’m really excited to be a part of the franchise network, being able to liaise with the franchisor and other franchisees,” says Alexis.

The franchise is backed by four successful entrepreneur business women, Claire Watson-Bardot, Joanna Dennis, Sarah Carlile and Lisa Curteis who have over 60 years of business and bookkeeping experience between them. As an Associate Member of the bfa Rosemary Bookkeeping has a proven ability to sustain a franchise network successfully.

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