Director of Coconut Media shortlisted for EWIF Award

Sally Butters

Sally Butters

Coconut Creatives is pleased to announce that Sally Butters, Director of Coconut Media, has been shortlisted at the 2013 Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF) Awards. She is a finalist for the Merry Maids Award for Woman Service Provider of the Year Award.

Sally has made a continuous effort not only to encourage women into franchising but also in strengthening the role of women in franchising. She also represented the ladies well at the bfa Chairman’s charity day in September when she gave the men much more than they bargained for at the karting. Coconut Creatives and Coconut Media wish the finalists in all categories the best of luck at the awards ceremony in London on the 16th May.

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Finding your perfect franchisees is not as easy as it sounds

Many franchisors jump in and allocate their franchise recruitment marketing budget without taking the time to really understand their ideal franchisee profile, causing long-term problems, says Sally Butters, Director of Coconut Media.

Whether you have a brand new franchise opportunity or you have a 100-strong network, taking time out of your everyday workload to research and compile an accurate profile of what your perfect franchisees are like and how they behave during the franchise purchase journey is absolutely invaluable. This will save you a lot of problems in the future, as it not only gives you an insight as to where you should allocate your budget to generate franchise prospects for the best return on investment (ROI) but also ensures that you attract the right franchisees with the right messages and, therefore, successfully grow your network.

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How videos can be a powerful tool to promote your franchise

Videos are a not only a great tool to allow customers, franchisees and prospective franchisees to see the human side of your business, they also feature your messages in a digestible manner, says Sally Butters, Founding Director at Coconut Media.

Videos have become an essential marketing tool in the franchise industry. They are in most cases relatively easy to make, can drive sales for your franchisees and attract new franchisees to your network. However, as with any other marketing activity it is important to understand what your customers or prospective franchisees want to see and what information they are after.

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10 top tips for writing a case study

When you’re looking to recruit franchisees, it’s important to make your business something prospects can relate to. A key way of doing this is by publishing case studies so that prospects can see what the people who have chosen your franchise have to say about their experiences. Sally Butters from Coconut Creative discusses how this can benefit your franchise and shares some of her top tips for writing a case study.

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Start the preparation for a successful 2013 NOW

Many franchisors find the task of planning the next steps in their franchise recruitment a daunting task but with just a few simple steps you can lay the groundwork for another successful year, says Sally Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives.

October through to April is the most important time of year to focus on franchise recruitment. As we approach Christmas and New Year many people will start to re-evaluate their life choices, and a big part of this is their career. We are all familiar with cyclical national headlines such as ‘new year, new career’, but how you maximise your opportunities to capitalise on franchise recruitment during this time starts right now.

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