We share our effective methods to recruit franchisees

by | Apr 26, 2011 | Coconut in the Media

The team at Coconut Creatives have organised another info packed workshop for franchisors looking to fine tune their franchise recruitment. Join Sarah Cook, Founder of Coconut Creatives and the team including guest speaker, Nick Strong (FranWeb) for the

‘Battle of the on/offline Marketing’!! on Wednesday 25 May in Bracknell

The industry is changing fast. What used to work to recruit franchisees no longer brings the same results. If you are finding that your leads are dropping and conversion is taking longer, you are not alone. Franchisors need to get smarter with their marketing and recruitment process. Sarah and the team will be going through ALL the on and offline routes to market to find your ideal franchisees.

AND because this is such a special event, we’ve created a short video clip to tell you all about it in more detail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E8-19Ub-yA&feature=related

What others have said about our Coconut Creatives Marketing Workshops:
“I came on the workshop to find out really how to improve our recruitment process and I’ve been given so many great ideas, which I think will save my franchise manager at least 6 days a month, which is absolutely fantastic. I’d certainly recommend it to any franchisors who are looking to improve the quality of their marketing,” Sussanne Chambers, HomeXperts.

“I’m always slightly sceptical about coming to marketing workshops and marketing seminars but it’s been excellent. A friend of mine always used to say that if you can take home one piece of useful information, a seminar’s been good. Well I’m going to be taking a lot more than one, so thanks to the whole team!” Mark Casey, MOT2U

Full agenda just released! Email sam@coconutcreatives.co.uk to request a copy.

Coconut Creatives is the ONLY bfa accredited marketing company. We offer workshops and run 1 to 1 projects that bring together independent experts in the key fields of marketing, PR and branding, showing you how to effectively combine these disciplines to produce excellent results.

“A really enjoyable event. A great opportunity to network and to learn more about the additional tools available to aid / improve the recruitment process,” Steve Calvert, Safeclean.

Email sam@coconutcreatives.co.uk or call 01725 511673 to request a booking form.