Would bookkeeping add up to the right future for you?

by | Aug 29, 2014 | Clients in the Media, News

Did you realise over 500,000 businesses were set up last year? Did you know over half of those may not be around in two years’ Rosemary Bookkeeping producttime, with the biggest reason being poorly managed finances. However, one fact that is certain, all of these businesses will need a bookkeeper to record and manage their transactions. It won’t matter what the economy’s doing, it won’t matter whether they want the service or not, it is government-enforced legislation.

Qualified, professional bookkeepers, like Rosemary Bookkeeping franchisees, have a vital role to play in the health of the country’s small businesses. A bookkeeper will often be the first person to spot signs that a company is heading into difficulties by flagging up late paying debtors or cash flow issues which is why many business owners rely on them and trust them to keep their bookkeeping in order. A bookkeeper can add significant value to a business to help it grow and succeed:

“Before we started using a Rosemary Bookkeeper, we had little visibility over our numbers. Since working alongside Christina Gray, Rosemary Bookkeeping’s franchisee in Southampton, we had a great set of numbers to review every month which has helped us not only keep on track but plan for further growth. We couldn’t achieve this without using a professional bookkeeping service which fits seamlessly with our business, understanding our needs and being proactive when it counts most,” Sarah Carlile, MD, Coconut Creatives Ltd.

The average annual earnings of a standalone bookkeeper in the UK are around £25,000 and most bookkeepers charge by the hour thus creating a cap on earnings. However, as a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise owner, you are guaranteed a recurring income with average 50% net profit margins and excellent growth opportunities to build a management-style business far in excess of this. Rosemary Bookkeepers bill per document rather than per hour which is far more productive. Better for the bookkeeper, more transparent for the client.

Here are a few skills that might make you suitable to be a bookkeeper and grow your own business servicing the SME market of over 4 billion businesses in the UK:

  • A methodical approach to your everyday work
  • A penchant for keeping records
  • An attention for detail
  • Enjoyment of networking with other business owners.

Rosemary Bookkeeping is one example of a successful bookkeeping franchise business which offers intelligent bookkeeping services to SMEs and accountants ensuring a consistency of delivery and high-quality work. Their practical down-to-earth and friendly approach provides clients with information that enables them to understand and make decisions on their business, gives peace of mind that HMRC will be happy, whilst charges are fair and reasonable.

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