Lucky 7 for Auditel!

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Clients in the Media, News

Brian Bastible - July 2015 PR

Brian Bastible

Auditel, an exisitng client of Coconut Creatives, recently welcomed seven new franchisees to their network. Mark Devenport, Liam Gahan and Brian Bastible are just three of the franchisees who are joining the network. All three are finishing their training this month and are ready and raring to go with their new business ventures.

Mark Devenport was made redundant last March and started to look for an escape from the rat race. Having worked in sales management he was sure he had the skills and knowledge necessary to build a successful Auditel franchise. Both Brian and Liam are from accountancy backgrounds so they also have the relevant skills for running the business.

Mark Devenport - July 2015 PR

Mark Devenport

“Launching a new business is exciting and scary at the same time. There’s a lot to do but you’re only as good as yourself so it’s all down to you. I chose Auditel because it’s a genuine, professional organisation with a LOT of quality behind its support, that’s what made it worthwhile investing in,” reveals Mark.

Auditel is the UK’s leading strategic cost management franchise. They assist and educate clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to business longevity and growth. Franchisees become invaluable, outsourced board level members of the companies they serve.

Liam Gahan, had been in touch with Auditel a year prior to joining but, due to a family bereavement, had put the move off for a while. Liam is glad he finally decided to take the plunge.

Liam Gahan

Liam Gahan


“I wasn’t originally looking to go down the franchising route. I was looking for accountancy and financial director roles. I found Auditel on an internet search and started to look into it a bit more. It looked like a well-run and professional company and with each step in the decision making process I learnt about the business and became more interested. I did look at other similar franchises in the UK but I found the Auditel model to be more scalable. With the other models you could only bill out your own time so there was a limit to how much you could make. Auditel is based on developing a strategy to manage a wide range of costs within a business so you can scale the business quite rapidly,” explains Liam.

Auditel gives you the opportunity to transfer your existing skills into a business that will work for you, not someone else. Auditel continually innovate to make franchisees’ jobs easier. Having spent millions on development, they now boast over a dozen bespoke business tools which have been proven to reduce the time taken to complete work by more than 50%. Auditel franchisees work smarter and more efficiently to achieve their goals of increased time, flexibility and income. Auditel’s network of high-calibre professionals can choose to operate as home-based businesses or utilise the business and analytical tools available to grow as multi-fee earning, scalable businesses and employers in their own right.

Brian Bastible, another franchisee on the July course, is looking forward to getting the Auditel brand more established in Ireland. Brian is looking forward to the opportunities that being part of Auditel will bring in for him.

“I chose franchising because it would have been extremely difficult to set up the level of tools, systems and infrastructure that Auditel have on my own. I’m really looking forward to starting my business and getting some revenue in. I have the opportunity now to help businesses and really make a difference to them. With Auditel you can tap into a powerful network of other business people to fill in your own skills gap when working with clients. Your clients are dealing with more than one person because you have the ability to put a call in to 200 other franchisees,” adds Brian.

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