How to avoid the pitfalls in franchise expansion!

by | Aug 30, 2015 | Clients in the Media, News

Brand Mark Franchising, a client of Coconut Creatives, has been sharing all about how they help Paul Daviesfranchises avoid the pitfalls in franchising.

Did you know that there are 930 franchise models currently in operation in the UK?

However, many of these franchisors fall at the first hurdle or further down the line due to a lack of knowledge or research. Those who are successful have consulted the correct support channels to make sure their operations run smoothly. Whilst franchising is becoming an increasingly popular method of business ownership and expansion, seeing 20% growth between 2008 & 2013, it can be expensive and risky. During the same time period a mere 2.5% increase in the overall economy occurred so surely it is worth it. If you get the right support!

Brand Mark Franchising provides guidance and support around the A-Z of franchising a business. Brand Mark Franchising is a one stop shop for your business development and there are many factors that need to be considered before franchising a business and many franchisors fail to do their due diligence! If you want your business to become a successful franchise, then ensure you download the free expert guide that Brand Mark Franchising provides through their website. Gleaming industry expertise will steer your business forwards, whether you want to build your brand regionally, nationally or internationally.

Many franchisors fall into trouble in the early stages of franchising their businesses due to lack of preparation and knowledge. The main pitfalls include:

  • Lack of research into both the market and how to run a franchise operation
  • Failure to refine the business concept
  • Poor operations – training and support
  • Lack of skills by both business owner and staff in how to run a successful franchise.

These are the main reasons for the failure of a franchise but they are so easy to avoid. Failure of a franchise doesn’t just affect the franchisor, it also affects the franchisees who have invested their livelihoods into the business.

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing and those brands that I work with to go through a complete health check review to ensure they are set up for serious and sustainable growth,” explains Brand Mark Franchising’s Founder and Director, Paul Davies.

Brand Mark Franchising have experience as both a franchisee and a franchisor so know what motivates business owners, with a full understanding of the franchising process from start to finish. They are also bfa accredited, so are viewed as trusted and experienced ambassadors of the franchise sector.

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