BABY Beautiful toiletries sets up Exclusive distribution

by | Oct 19, 2007 | Clients in the Media, Coconut in the Media

Recently launched natural toiletry company BABY Beautiful has established exclusive distribution with so that they can offer their products to a wider audience thanks to their marketing house, Coconut Creatives Ltd.

After last months launch at the BBC’s Well Being Fair, BABY Beautiful attracted a great deal of interest and support from members of the BBC. After the launch Sarah Dyer from Coconut Creatives set up a meeting with online green product giant, Greener Living to discuss stocking the products in their Portsmouth based shops and online through their popular website.

Ms Sangar, BABY Beautiful’s c0-founder is looking forward to getting the products on the Greener Living website at the end of this week. “It’s been almost 2 years since we decided to form BABY Beautiful and it is wonderful that the products are finally ready to be launched onto the market,” explains Ms Sangar who has been working on the product lines from her London base since early 2006.

Ms Sangar employed the assistance of Coconut Creatives to help them take the products to market and establish good affiliations with key organisations. “Coconut Creatives has certainly done their job. We are delighted to have established exclusive distribution and with a great and creative marketing strategy in place for 2008 we have high hopes for our natural products,” explains Ms Sangar.

The products which include a hair and body shampoo named Hair and Body Blossom, a thick moisturising cream and an oil are available in a variety of natural scents including orange and tangerine, lavender, rose Geranium and absolutely nothing. The different scents are made from natural essential oils which complement different people’s personality types!

“We’ve found that individuals are either a lavender person or an orange person,” says Sarah from Coconut Creatives. “It is funny to watch which scents people are drawn to. I especially like the orange and tangerine while Ms Sangar is definitely a rose geranium person!”

The products went live on Friday 19th October in time for the build up to the Christmas holidays.