Your recruitment process reviewed!

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Blogs, News

processThis blog includes a unique offer for a full sales process review by the Coconuts! Keep reading to find out why…

Improving your franchisee conversion is a VERY hot topic in franchise marketing at the moment. Tweaking your recruitment process can really boost your conversion rates and get the right prospects to say YES to you! With the first quarter of the year under your belt, Spring is the ideal time to reflect on how the year has started and plan for the months ahead.
  • Where is the room for change; what improvements could you make to your sales process that will make the biggest impact? It could be introducing new collateral, automating manual processes or simply ensuring the right level of communication goes out at the right time. The world is your oyster and now is the time to start reflecting on these changes.
  • Communication; keeping your communication channels open during the recruitment process is an important factor in converting your leads into franchisees. People like to be communicated with in different ways – it’s a balance of socio-economic factors and the level of urgency or interest involved. Make sure that you keep up with the advances in communication technology otherwise you may be left standing at the fax machine whilst your competitor runs past in a flurry of tweets
  • Team resource; are your staff reaching maximum capacity? What processes do they do that could be automated in the sales process, could you have automated lead capture or send automated emails? Are there any gaps in the process they could plug with the extra time saved?
  • Support; are there areas in this process where you would value advice? Or would you like a review of the entire process? We will be offering a Recruitment Process Review package for a limited time only this Spring and it can be utilised as a stand-alone project from our service offering! We only have 3 packages left available for franchisors to take advantage of, so get in touch now to ensure you are one of them! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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