by | Aug 9, 2013 | Portfolio

Ringtons is a mobile tea and coffee business. Founded in 1907, the business has a rich heritage and the core business is still Ringtonsfamily owned to this day. They deliver first-class products with exceptional service and a personal and friendly touch to over 260,000 UK households.

With over 100 years of industry experience, they remain the only company in the world to deliver tea, coffee and biscuits door-to-door. As testament to the business’ strength and security, it has been awarded the highest rating possible by one of the UK’s most trusted credit agencies.

Project Outline:

Ringtons is a historic and well established brand, especially in the North of the UK. A research project carried out by Coconut Creatives revealed that a staggering 100% of Ringtons’ existing franchisees would buy the franchise again. Having identified strong marketing messages and similarities amongst top performing franchisees, the project progressed to the creation of a regionally targeted and budgeted 6-month marketing plan and have continued past the plan and are still one of our clients today. Ringtons originally wanted to recruit a small number of franchisees in the South and due to their continued activity, they are now being kept busy with five new franchisees and are extremely pleased with the progress they have been making.

Project Activities: 

  • Market research project to confirm the key target groups for the Ringtons franchise opportunity
  • An integrated marketing plan utilising regional advertising, PR, events, and media boost activities
  • New quality marketing materials to support the franchise recruitment process
  • Attendance of regional events to promote the product as well as the franchise opportunity
  • 5 new franchisees recruited in 2014 so far