Shared Earth go from strength to strength

by | May 27, 2008 | Clients in the Media, Coconut in the Media

Coconut Creatives was delighted to attend the Greats Awards with client, Shared Earth in London on 22nd May.

The Greats Awards set out to recognise not only the top independent and multiple gift retailers regionally and nationally but highlight many of the finest retailers in the UK and Shared Earth were short listed for the Best Multiple Retailer Award 2008.

“I am extremely pleased to be nominated as one of the 5 finalists for the Best Multiple Retailer Gifts category. I see this as recognition not just for Shared Earth, but for our staff and producers in over 30 countries,” comments Jeremy Piercy, founder of Shared Earth.

Shared Earth provided over 300 reusable jute bags to hold the goodies offered to each attendee on the evening to help spread the word about reusable bags. Coconut Creatives work with Shared Earth on a number of products including supporting the Daily Mail’s recent Banish the Bag campaign which aims to banish the use of plastic bags within the retail environment.

As well as being the UK’s largest independent retailer of non-food Fair Trade products, Shared Earth offer the best selection of recycled products, including bags made from crisp packets in bangladesh, toy cars made from tin cans in Madagascar, office stationery from computer boards in the UK, wall hangings from old saris in India and jewellery from recycled glass in Chile. With sales both on and offline via wholesale and retail channels, their marketing needs to have an integrated and targeted approach. Coconut Creatives has recently assisted in the set up of their second website to deal with the large number of press enquiries and stories that have been generated through the PR campaign. All types of customers and business affiliates can now go to this website and find content relevant to them.

Late last year, Shared Earth also launched the first Fair Trade franchise in the UK which is capable of doubling the sales of independent non-food Fair Trade products sold nationally. This is an exciting development which has opened up the industry with a wealth of new opportunities for many individuals who wish to work for themselves in a fairly traded retail environment. Coconut Creatives continues to work with Shared Earth on a number of projects including franchise recruitment and PR. Watch out for their latest story featured in the Mail on Sunday on the 8th June.

Greats awards

Jeremy Piercy and Tammy Hullis proudly display two of their reusable jute bags at the Greats Awards on 22nd May 08.