The Creative Burglar

by | Jul 9, 2008 | Clients in the Media

It seems that burglars are getting more creative in Mansfield when trying to access homes. Coconut Creatives client, Spettro, who deal with buildings insurance claims for home owners had an interesting enquiry from one home owner with an almost  comical problem.
The burglar climbed onto the roof of a house, removed some loose tiles and slipped through the hole to see what he could find!

Graham Calladine, who owns the local franchise of Spettro, was asked to repair the damage to the roof and, after getting over the shock of seeing such an odd break-in, suggests a few ways of keeping your home secure.
1) Keeping your house in good repair is a great start. If an opportunist burglar can see an easy way to enter your home through a rotten window frame then all the better!

2) Don’t forget to close your upstairs windows as well as the downstairs ones – there are several reasons for the name ‘cat burglar’!

3) Always use good quality locks on doors and windows – they are often the first line of defence and are mandatory with some insurance companies.

4) If you are going away on holiday then ask a neighbour to pop in and pick up your post from the mat – post piling up is a clear giveaway that your house is vacant.

5) Park your car close up to your garage door – garage burglaries are extremely common as people store so many valuables in there as space is at a premium in the house.

6) Get your house alarm serviced regularly. Many people have alarms but don’t use them because they are worried about them going off and annoying the neighbours – if you look after your alarm it will look after you!

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