Coconuts for Christmas!

by | Jan 2, 2008 | Coconut News

Coconut Creatives decided to present a different kind of Christmas gift this year in the form of a Christmas Coconut! And a hit they were!

The Coconuts arrived in their own little box specially prepared for the occasion and wrapped in red sparkly tinsel. “We thought we’d inject some light hearted fun in the week running up to Christmas as often it can be a stressful busy time trying to tie up loose ends before the Christmas holidays begin,” explained Sarah Dyer, founder of Coconut Creatives.

Coconuts at Christmas party

Once the Coconuts had arrived at their various destinations throughout the UK ranging from York to London to Weymouth, the response was quite funny! Some photos began to come in demonstrating Coconut activity! One got married, another went on holiday and some joined in with Christmas parties!

“We’re really glad we sent out our Christmas Coconuts this year,” says Sarah. “Just wait to see what we send out next year!”

Coconuts in love